Friday, December 3, 2010

JR at NewYork...

Review by Maithreyi about our show at NY for NYTS... Read on, Njoy and comment... 
I was asked to write blog off hand and am new to blogging. This is my first write up and hope that I
stick to the principles of blogging. I take pride that my first blog is about a super duper hit show by
Jersey Rhythms. Ok now moving on to JR’s 26th show - indeed a musical evening J It commenced with
an evergreen Ilayaraja number ‘Anjali Anjali’ by JR juniors (3 cute girls may be around 9 years old) and
JR seniors. Juniors were amazing and their voices blended so well with the Seniors ( I think even the
juniors were a part of the practice sessions). It was a perfect start and the instrumentalists did justice
to the song. It is a common notion that when the first song comes out well (I mean well received by the
audience) the show is definitely a super hit. This show was no exception and was simply superb. Right
from the first song to the last song, I enjoyed to the core.

It was a perfect mix of melodies and fast numbers carefully picked from old and new movies equally
enjoyed by all age groups. The instrumentalists as well as the singers tried to recreate the songs as good
as the original version (even the funny sounds). I congratulate the whole team for the hard work they
put in and the result is awesome. The team, though from various backgrounds have come together
to fulfill their passion – music. When it comes to career or passion we tend to put career in first place
but these people not only have succeeded in thriving in a career of their choice but also successful in
carrying on their passion. It takes so much dedication and commitment to sacrifice the weekends to the
practice sessions just to carry out their passion for music. Kudos JR…

26th Show…… It is a special one … Indeed a great milestone in a span of 5 years. There is absolute
stage chemistry and the reason for that may be the special bond (I don’t know it may be the respect
or discipline or understanding each other) and it binds everyone together. The real success of the
show is not on the individual performance but the combined output and this is JR’s strength. They are
ready with the back up to cover up even negligent slips. Good team work JR… They are open to on the
scene surprises, a good friend of the key board player was in the audience and he offered to play bass
guitar for a song and lo they gave a foot tapping number ‘Viswanathan velai vendum’ from ‘kadalikka
neramillai’. (I guess that song was not on their playlist).

Their aim was to entertain the audience be it the singers dancing on the stage or improvisation in the
song as per the situation (like it was a singer’s birthday and another singer carefully substituted the
original words with birthday wishes and in sync with the rhythm of the song). It takes lot of experience
and courage to do that. I guess they know the formula to entertain us and I enjoyed a lot.
There will be magic only when there is an absolute love for what we do and this show was exactly a
testament to that. I am sure the team’s unconditional love for music will keep the magic alive in much
more shows to come. Thanks JR for the wonderful evening.

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