Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JR's Silver Jubilee - leaves the audience jubilated and wanting more!

Just to add a different perspective and spin to the story, We have empanelled a list of regular show attendees to write up our show reviews.. We hope to give you a good view of how the audience enjoyed our performance - Here is an update regarding our performance for NJTACS - Read on and Enjoy!


The excitement seeped in as JR prepared to deliver their 25th show for NJTACS in Skillman, NJ. The stars (and JR stars!) did line up and everything worked like magic... the auditorium was very good and the sound was perfect as JR started to lead us through yet another journey of music. The show started with JR juniors singing with JR  seniors (!) for IR's memorable Anjali.  The outcome was perfect as the music just flowed in and the voices blended in - There were five female singers, three kids and three male singers singing this song but when you close your eyes, all you heard was one perfect harmony... it was in perfect sync. This set the stage for the rest of the songs and every song was delivered wonderfully.

So... what is so special about JR?

We know a lot of people love music and have great talent...  difference with JR is that they have a passion for music that they are ready to take it to the next level.  These people are working professionals with stressful jobs but they do this out of sheer love and passion for music. In the US, where you work  like crazy juggling home and family, the weekends are very precious. JR members give a good part of those precious weekends and  spend time away from their families to rehearse so that they give their fullest to the audience.  This is a lot of commitment for  18 band members to be consistenly available and they have proved it by following this routine for the last 5 years! Hats of to them, their supportive spouses and most importantly - their kids!
The interest level that they have is reflected in those small obscure sounds they pick up and reproduce for the songs,  some of those strange sounding chorus and the undecipherable lyrics in certain cases :) All the singers take interest and pride in singing small chorus pieces, making appropriate "noises"..  (I know.. I said "noises')  as needed to make sure the song is "complete". This is very commendable. They back each other up, cover for each other and above all respect each other.

While JR performs...

There is an unbelievable energy and stage chemsitry that emanates out of the stage leaving the audience captivated.  Be it the interaction between the team, song selection, costumes, compering, their goal is one and only one - entertain the music loving audience. By now they know each other more than they know their own kith & kin that they can even predict where a person is going to miss something and are ready to back'em up! 
The beauty is not in performing without any mistakes because then it becomes  a 'recording'.. the beauty of JR is in reproducing the songs close to the original as much as possible, totally live, without even a small bit of sequencing, improvising as needed, and even if there are minor slips, recovering beautifully  and delivering a complete package with soul filling music. They enjoy performing as a band which shows in each of their moves and makes the audience feel the same amount of passion. Towards the end of their shows, they do leave us wanting more. Thanks to JR for making us audience forget the day to day hassles for a few hours and take us into the beautiful world of music!

Wishing them success on their musical journey towards their next milestone - "JR Golden Jubilee"!

- By another JR fan

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