Monday, June 21, 2010

JR rocks at ATMA's 2010 annual convention

In keeping with the tradition, JR delivered yet another rocking performance for ATMA on June 19th.  It ended up being our hottest show ever - literally (those in attendance would know what I am referring to). 

The instrumentalists as always provided the perfect foundation for a successful show. It was a tough line-up this time and they did a stellar job in recreating each of the 26 songs.  We were glad that the audience liked our theme based enactment of songs - the picture says it all :). 

Be it the deafening applause and uproar or the forthcoming appreciation of our team work - they said it all and nothing more could be as rewarding.

This post would be incomplete if I don't write about Nikita. Rukku and Ranjith brought their 52-day old baby (the latest addition to JR) to enjoy the show. This is how we train our tomorrow's performers :)). Rukku - Hope you enjoyed your experience as a JR audience...

As we continue to grow from one strength to another we strive hard to provide our audience with an enriching experience. It is but very fulfilling to see that our hard work ultimately pays off. 

Our sincere thanks to ATMA for this opportunity and once again the audience for being such a wonderful and engaging group.

PS: Watch out for the update on our next show


  1. Congratulations JR!!! It is not surprising that we just churn out gr8 show after gr8 show. Guys - Nice chest butt or should i say hmmmm...

  2. @Karthik2 - Ha ha ha, well said!