Monday, August 31, 2009

JAI Ganesha - With JR twist (What a show it was)

When the occasion is special, the content is always special... but the delivery & response being even more special is a double bonanza.

The weather was expected to play spoilsport... It was one of JR's shortest concert ever (12-13 songs in 1 - 1.5 hours)... Audio wasn't from Strike Sound ( we missed you guys! ) and to top it all it was an outdoor concert (a variety of dynamics involved).

So with this as context, we weren't sure what to expect but the enthusiastic crowd at Bharatiya Temple deserves a special mention - What a show it turned out to be. JR belted out all the favorite numbers - Chaiya Chaiya, Chura liya, Soni De Nakhre (JR's own remix), Aika Dajiba to Bhale Bhale to Randakka to JAI HO !!!

Well as performers we got one of the best responses ever - acknowledgement from the crowd for every musical nuance & notation, up on their feet for every dance number that was played [of course with a complaint that we didn't play enough dance numbers :)] - isn't that usual and a complete appreciation for the bouquet of songs traversing languages.

Our heartfelt and sincere thanks to Bharatiya Temple for being such wonderful hosts & the devotees for being a great audience. We loved performing for you.

Ram & DJ weaved their magic at the sound board - now we're getting slightly edgy about this - Looks like these guys may pursue this as their full time career... They seem to be moving up the chain with every JR show. And Ram - You need to be back at the keyboards for the next show...

So here is one for the entire JR crew - Another milestone up our sleeve!

Next stop - NJTS !!!

Click here for some pictures from the show

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