Monday, June 1, 2009

JR Juniors for Akila & Aparna K

When I asked Raj M to contribute to this blog post, he promptly delegated the job to Dheepa. Here is a sincere and minute-to-minute recount by Dheepa of the Baby Shower for Akila/Rajkanth & Aparna/Karthik by other Junior JR-iites.... It's a must read:
JR Jr Show
The JR kids wanted to show the Jrites how they are inspired by them and wanted to entertain the adults with their talents. The JR gang holed up in RMs house for the eagerly anticipated JR Jr show on a beautiful Saturday evening. The weather was perfect and the kids were having a blast outside. There was no signs of any tension, preparation for the show or for that matter any sign of a talent show plan for the evening. The kids just loved being together and catching up on their adventures since their last meet. They did show up occasionally to grab some soda and chips and went right back to play. After all the appetizers disappeared into thin air with no trace left, the talent show was initiated - one couldn't have timed better. The kids lined up very organized with the required musical instruments and got ready to entertain us. The adults were assigned specific roles for this show. DJ - Kids Union leader, Venky1 - the judge, Arul - MC, Venky2 - Noisemaker, Chenthil - Sound Organizer, RM - Photographer, Karthik / V2 / Arul - the usual Comedians and the rest - Cheerleaders
The show starter with Pramod on the trombone, who did a wonderful job - "it is difficult to play an instrument as tall you", as noted by the judge. This was followed by a beautiful piano piece by Rishi, this also exposed the other side of quiet little Rishi who gave a matured introduction to what he was going to play and requested (challenged?) the judge to rate him :-) Unfortunately, the judge said, " I cannot rate you an 'A', do you know why?" and much to Rishi's delight gave him an "A#!" Rishi's eyes were filled with excitement and it pretty much made his day! Then, came our little rock star Karthik on the guitar. He showed the group that it is not just playing music that is needed on stage - attitude, body language & facial expressions are needed for a stage performer! The only thing that was missing was the spiky hair! It is note worthy that when he was asked to do it once more, he repeated the same exact expressions and stopped the imaginary music at the same exact second as he did the first time! Anyone in the audience would have thought that their ears were playing tricks on them :-) Now, the girls were up for the challenge as it was their turn. Sahana and Mahima performed a duet, with Sahana on the piano and both Sahana & Mahima singing beautifully delivered the meaning of "two voices one song!" absolutely in sync. Excellent performance! Now it was time for the three smaller girls to perform. Meera and Tharini had performed a dance in school which was a super hit that was beautifully choreographed by none other than our Durga! Tharini gave a sweet intro & history of how this dance came together to the audience. In one of our earlier meets, Sneha saw Tharini & Meera dance this and fell absolutely in love with this song and dance. She "begged" Tharini to teach her this dance and Tharini taught (teached :-) ) Sneha this dance just humming the tune of the song! So the three of them cleverly transformed this duet into a trio without any adult help and performed for us beautifully! Now, it was Nandini's turn who had absolutely no idea that a talent show was on and she was expected to perform. She was such a sport and agreed to entertain us with her singing. What an awesome voice! She delivered "Mad World!" so beautifully and had everyone spellbound! Unanimous judgment was "We have an idol amongst us!" as Nandini became our JR Idol! The three girls - Meera, Tharini and Sneha returned to show their piano skills as well - they played individual songs on the piano which was absolutely delightful. The boys felts the girls were taking too much of the stage and came back with even more energy and enthusiasm as Rishi played a beautiful piano piece, Pramod another song beautifully in the trombone and of course little Karthik on the guitar! Pramod also showed his Mrudangam skills by playing a piece showing his thalam skills and even explained the 2 parts patiently to an enthusiastic inquirer. The three musketeers (Sahana, Mahima and Nandini) delighted us with another song "Umbrella" which became everyone's favorite as well. Did we cover everyone who came? Oh no.. We have two people left Nishta and Rishab. Nishta wanted to do a hip hop dance but due to a hand injury she had, she was excused but we are looking forward to it in our next show, Nishta! Rishab who loves being snuggled and cuddled found the most comfortable seat in the audience - in Suchi's lap :-) He was way too comfortable to even get up that Suchi lugged him to the stage to see what he wants to do. BTW, we did not expect him to do anything as he is way too shy in a crowd but he surprised us as well and played hot cross buns on the piano which was a complete song that was 13 seconds long! :-)
This was the end of our JR kids talent show and the adults who managed to sit down for such a long time were way too inspired by the kids and pounced / took over all the instruments! Then of course, it was the usual, "organized chaos" and we had a lot of fun! Inspired by the kids, Raj Manian, John, Ranjith showed their singing skills and Venky was back to his home base with the guitar mesmerizing the crowd ;-) and Arul filling-in the gaps with his 'sundarathamizh'. All the JR singers jumped into their usual positions and sang their hearts away to the much cherished meaningful songs that we have all grown up with! Sree also exhibited his Mrudangam skills and all the percussionists (Sree, Venky2, Karthik on the mrudangam, Siva on the tabla / mrudangam and Arul on the pads) gave a beautiful "quartet thaniyavarthanam" which was AMAZING! We did miss the JR families that could not make it :-(
Overall, JR is doing much more for the next generation than just giving them a social circle - JRites by their sheer dedication and passion for music, that shows in every song they jam, rehearse, discuss or perform, inspire the kids - this showed in this wonderful kids talent show and the JR Kids want to say - "Thank You JRites.. You are our inspiration!" (Hmmm.. Wait until we take over!)
Though this blog is about the talent show, the reason for this event was the surprise baby shower for Aparna & Akila! Thanks to you both, we had wonderful food, music and fun! Next talent show, we will have two additional lil' performers amonst us. Go, JR, go!

For JR - By Dheepa

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