Monday, February 2, 2009

JR Annual Meet 2009 - Introspect, Strategize, Succeed

The title aptly summarizes the objective of our "Once-a-year" rendezvous. This year's meet was held at Spice Melange (Check out the food (slurp, slurp)... it's awesome) on Feb 1st. Except for a missing couple, the band was present in full strength to review the year that was 2008 and lay down a few goals for 2009.

Following a brisk introduction by Arul & Raj Manian, we went over the Strategy for last year and discussed our action plan for this year. The highlight of this year's party was a Member Only Toll Free number - 1-800-ask-VARR. It was nothing short of a Corporate Presentation - after all, that is what symbolizes our band - Professionalism, Passion and a zeal to Excel. As we grow big....bigger, we are constantly focusing on what brings us together and this was a great way to exchange ideas & collectively strengthen our foundation for success.

At the end, every member was asked to state why he was proud of JR and/or why he liked to be a part of JR and the responses ranging from "I am a JR fanatic" to "Music is our passion and JR is the platform" was a reaffirmation of our band's common purpose - Creating Magic with Music...

Here is to a great 2009... Go JR!

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