Monday, January 19, 2009

NJTACS Show - A Great beginning to 2009

First off, there was considerable zeal in each one of us to give our best for this show - this was after all a show that marks the beginning for 2009 - and the results were awesome - the show turned out to be one of our best ever.

First things first - the Audio arrangements were exemplary - 3 cheers to our Sound Engineers - Strike Sound & DJ. It'll be a blessing to have this arrangement in all our shows henceforth.

As always, we had the stage set up for the show well in advance and the gang retreated to our principal's (Raj Kanth) house for a rendezvous. We were pleasantly surprised when the show was ready to start at the scheduled time... Kudos to the NJTACS committee members for pulling this entire event off in a very professional manner.

We started off with Chenthil entertaining the audience to superstar's Ballelakka and the applause was deafening. This song has become our trademark start and Chenthil does complete justice with a powerful & enthusiastic rendition.

As the show progressed and the peppy numbers started, the audience was on their feet. It was heartening to note that the future generation (Kids) thoroughly enjoyed and were cheering up for every song - a sign that Tamil Music is here to stay!!! With the audience swaying & letting their hair loose, we didn't want to be left behind. We our best to keep up the spirit.

While it wasn't new for Karthik to dance while playing, it was a treat to watch Ram join the club.

Bala as always rocked Viswanathan Velai Vendum, Raajavin Paarvai and Aaduladan Paadalai ketu.

The women got a little creative this time and provided wholesome entertainment to both the band as well as the audience. Whether it was "pretending to throw bucket loads of water for Viswanathan" or "performing coordinated steps for "appadi podu" - they were just having fun and hey - it was infectious. Everyone was having fun along with them. Great job Anitha, Swarna, Durga, Payal, Ruku & Sharmila. You have set the bar now - need to keep this coming show after show.

Nakka Mukka seems to be every audience's favorite. Give the audience a chance to make a request and there is a unanimous request for "Nakka Mukka". No surprises here - the audience went beserk for Nakka Mukka and it was a fantastic close to yet another fantastic show.

Here is a link to some pictures that were taken at the show - PICTURES

And now - over to Vancouver!!!

We will, We will - rock you !!!

JR Team

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  1. Yes, a great start for 2009 indeed...Yet again, the synergy from the gang paid off quite well! By the way, if you havent noticed, new talents are being exhibited on every show - like..running in slow motion without needing camera tricks (~2mins to cover 50 ft) by our Rajinikanth(read Rajkanth) or breaking new records on breaking sticks or the duo pair dancing too closely (ahem) Vaidi & Raj Manian(spouses, beware) or the gals giving a dream sequence feel dancing end to end (like ayiram thamarai mottukale -may be a white angel dress should be mandated going forward!). And not only you have the $#%# to dance with your drummer's wife but also order someone to put a kulla on the drummer while his hands are armed...hats off (pun) - nice work Rakesh (or should I say, Swarna) :-)

    Well, let me close by saying, we should not mis-underestimate ourselves as our bar rises show-after-show ! Here's a virtual toast to kick-off our west coast trip...! Vancouver, look out, here we come to rock!!!!