Thursday, December 11, 2008

JR Welcomes...

[Update] - Well, this isn't a new member, he has probably been with the band for ever now. The issue is that he works behind the scenes and therefore doesn't hit the limelight. If it wasn't for our dutiful COO/CFO it would have been a mistake that I would have repented for. 

Ladies & Gentlemen - This post is for DJ, JR's own Sound Engineer - who tirelessly works behind the scenes to ensure every sound passes the litmus test. 

DJ - My apologies.


Actually, it's been 2 shows already - nevertheless. (We had to give some time to our resident caricaturist (Rahul) some time to modify the group photo and do the works)

JR proudly introduces - Rakesh & Sharmila - the Melody King and Spice Queen. Watch out for some dazzling performances from this duo in our upcoming shows. Both of them have already performed with us in the Delaware Tamizh Sangam & Harrisburg Tamizh Sangam show. Needless to mention the applause for their performances was deafening.

It is a JR tradition to baptize members only after a live show and accordingly Rakesh & Sharmila are officially part of the JR family.

With these changes, JR is now a 20-member band and arguably the "Largest Manual Band" in USA.

Watch this space for news on Holiday Celebrations!

PS: Notice the changes to the Group Photo :)

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