Monday, December 29, 2008

JR Holiday Party 2008

It was a fabulous year for JR - Rocking Shows, Awesome audience responses, a new address on the internet, pre-booked for 4-5 shows in 2009 and many more - so we really had lots of reasons when Venky invited us for a Party.

It was evident when everyone walked in, that the holiday mood had set in - be it Arul who made up traffic related excuses to cover up on wee-hours partying OR Raj Manian who just said I was tied up --- hmmm... Fun is always the theme when the JR group gets together and this party was no different. 

Suchi & Venky had some terrific starters for the group aptly accompanied by Apple Cider for Teetotalers and Fermented Grape Juice for the ones with vices :). 

As I mentioned, we really didn't need a reason to party but the occasion was really made special by the fact that 2009 will be an year where JR will welcome 2 more tiny tots - Rajkanth's & Karthik's. Congratulations to Rajkanth, Akila & Nishi AND Karthik & Aparna.

The dinner was awesome and so was the game of Table Tennis which worked up an appetite in all of us. Not surprisingly, the food vanished fast enough. 

Thanks Venky, it was an awesome party and a great way to end a truly wonderful year.

2009 is already busy with 4-5 shows already finalized. We start off on Jan 17th with our first show. The rehearsals start off on Jan 3rd...

Happy New Year everyone and wish you all a wonderful 2009.

JR Team

PS: Shiva, Chenthil, Srivats, Rakesh, Durga, Rugmini, Sharmila - We missed you at the party!!!

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