Thursday, November 13, 2008

John is 2.4 yrs old

2.4 and what is the significance, one may ask. Well, the significance is that Mr. Manian realized it while cleaning his inbox. Nevertheless, we decided to celebrate the event by dedicating a post (as if we need excuses!).

The story goes on like this...

Karthik was JR's bass guitarist between May 2004 & Apr 2006 and had to leave the band. The futile attempt to enlist a talented bass player into JR fraternity (for 2 months) ended up with an advertisement on the Craigs' List Website.

The site boasts of 12 million hits (pride of Raj Manian's general knowledge being displayed here) and the odds were against us - Don't we know what the hits mean? Dot com taught us this funda the hard way...

And here is where the story gets interesting.

We received a response - 22nd June 2006

> On 6/22/06, John Holowach <>
> wrote:
> > Hi Raj,
> >
> > I am a bass player in my twenties who is looking
> for a new situation since the band I am currently in is
> > unraveling...
> >
> > I would love to play in your band. It seems like
> > there is a lot of upside to it without too heavy
> of a commitment (I have a day job too, so I definitely
> > understand that part of your ad). I live in
> > Woodbridge, work in Edison, have been playing bass
> > with bands for about four years now, have
> professional equipment, a lot of dedication, and a love for all
> > music. Let me know if you are still looking.
> >
> > - John
Well, our reaction to this response wasn't out of the ordinary - John and Indian Music doesn't gel. Is this someone pulling a fast one on JR? Nay! Have a look at Raj's response:
--- Raj Manian <> wrote:
> Hi John
> sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
> hope u had time to read my post and check out the
> website for our band.
> we're still looking for a bassist.
> i'm not sure how much u know indian bollywood pop
> music, but i've attached an mp3 file with one song we'd like to play
> for our october show. pls listen to it & let us know if you would
> like to play these kinds of songs.
> i can then have u hook up with our keyboard player
> and our lead guitarist before the next practise session.
> thanks and regards
> raj manian

Well it wasn't an AR Rahman or Illayaraaja that made the cut to John's inbox - the songs were Machaan Peru Madurai and Siruchi Siruchi...

John wasn't the normal kind (Ooops! I mean he is a dedicated musician) to step back. He stumped the JR selection team with his response - read below:

Hey Raj,
I'm really excited to hear back from you. I don't
know if you respond to many posts on craigslist, but I
usually do it in spurts...I think I answered four or
five ads the day I wrote to you, and (of course) I
only heard back from the ones I was least interested
My knowledge of Bollywood music is general - I don't
know any specific songs per se, but as I wrote, I grew
up in Edison and had a lot of Indian friends so I got
pretty familiar with the culture. I know that "Filmy"
music is by and large fun, energetic, party music and
ythe song you sent is a pretty good example of that.
So to wrap up this long-winded e-mail, I would love to
play this type of music. I'll figure out the part to
this tonight, and if you (or your keyboard or guitar
player) would want to get together and give me a CD of
stuff, let me know.
- John

We asked John to attend our rehearsal sessions and the rest is history.

John is one of the most enthusiastic JR member and rocks the audience with his stupendous performances show after show...

2 years and 4 months old and still a long way to go....

We are happy that you are a part of JR, John... Happy (Belated) anniversary!!!

Go JR Go!

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