Monday, November 17, 2008

Give it to the audience! - Update on Delaware Tamizh Sangam Show

It was probably the only way to reward an artist (or group of artists in this case).

A standing ovation !!!

Yes, the audience gave us a standing ovation for our performance on November 15, 2008 at Harrington Middle School, Mt. Laurel for the Delaware Tamizh Sangam. All of us felt humbled as well as elated at the same time while we jointly took a bow for the felicitation.

The show start was delayed due to a variety of reasons and the weather wasn't cooperating either. The sudden downpour caught some members by surprise and the outcome was as wet as it could get :)

The delay however didn't stop us from having fun. All of us got to witness John's Tap Dance capabilities, Karthik's control over Tamil and the way some words have to be pronounced - the extraordinary ease with which he used the right words at the right time was a treat to the trained ears - Seriously.

The disappointing aspect however was the reduced timeframe for our performance. We actually had to cut a few songs to accommodate the deadlines. Bala ran the control desk in sequencing and arranging songs on the fly and we started the show without any formal introductions or pleasantries.

Man, did we rock. Suriyano Chandirano got the audience on their feet and the mood was set. The number of women outnumbered the men when it came to letting their foot loose. The dancing was awesome and provided all the energy that the band needed. The sound system was perfect and that added a great boost to all our performances (thanks to Raj Manian).

The show also saw Rakesh & Sharmila's first performance with JR.

The camradrie, team work and dedication of every single member was evident in this show and that is what JR is all about. Our strength lies in the way we perform as a team. Individually, all of us are talented but as a group we rock. We proved it in this show.

Here we come, Harrisburg!

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