Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Dazzling Show at Harrisburg Tamizh Sangam, PA

"And that is how we do it" - One could feel the sense of achievement & pride in Arul's voice when we wound up with our last song (Yengeyum Yepothum) rendered by our own SPB incarnate - CGN (Chenthil Guru Nathan).

Once again, the audience proved to be the show stealer.  The energy, enthusiasm and support that they showered on us was infectious and it caught on.  We were determined to put on a wonderful show and were glad that we could exceed their expectations.  

The show started at about 5:30 PM and went on until 10 PM.  The wintry weather had spread its wings of darkness as early as 4 PM.  We had our own share of "incidents" with Venky Kris (Lead Keyboard & JR's technical visionary) arriving late.  He was driving his car on 3 wheels (A feat by itself) - How did you manage that, Venky?

The crowd was all set to enjoy the musical evening and was eagerly waiting for us to get on the stage.  True to their words, HATS Executive Committee had a crisp display of events prior to our show and hence had the audience's attention right from the start.  The Kids Costume Show was a sight to watch.

We started the show with Ballelakka and had the audience swooning to Maduraikku Pogathadee within the first 20 minutes of the show.  We were very relaxed and there was a lot of positive energy - thanks to an extraordinary show of talent at TAGDV, the positivism carried over - and that was evident in every performance.

Be it John humming Maasi Maasam, be it the interactive story mode adopted by our MCs Venky Sadagopan and CGN, be it Karthik's run-away performance OR be it Rajkanth's standing performance the audience welcomed it all.  The audience was so captivated with Yengeyum Yepodhum and it was difficult to not concede to their "Once More" request.  We ended the show with yet another fantastic rendition by CGN.

The highlight of this show was also the after-party that had its fair share of "memorable" moments.  The party was on until 3 Am in the morning with Arul, Karthik and Raj Manian providing us all the entertainment.   Arul was in his element and was very emotional about JR's journey thus far.  

The learning for the entire band however was that we had 2 monsters - Venky Kris & RajKanth and a gift from God - John !!!  JR members - stop laughing :)

Well, Arul - It isn't possible for me to Synopsize everything that happened on the 22nd but you provided wholesome entertainment.  We have always looked up to Venky Kris, Raj Kanth & Raj Manian for their invaluable contributions to this Band's success & journey thus far.  However, one person we missed out on that day was you.  Your passion & enthusiasm in keeping this band together is what we believe drives JR to deliver show after show.  So Captain, without much ado - keep it coming!!!

Go JR !!!

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